♠ Tutoring… Pourquoi pas? ♠

*A motorcycle thunders up to the front of the Asgardian Embassy, and Remy disembarks, slinging a large backpack full of books over his shoulder*

*mutters in a mixture of French and English* Not suitable for teaching young souls mon cul, I shall show you Xavier, you will not keep me from Anna Marie forever.

*smooths his hair back and walks up the steps, ringing the doorbell and arranging his most respectable expression*

*suffice to say it’s not very respectable at all*

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    *takes a breath* Good. *there is a crash from the direction of Loki’s room and he makes a face* Okay, I think Thori has...
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    *They both nod* *Varli* He would visit and teach us things. Want to know what we were doing. *Nori* When we were young...
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    *Arches an eyebrow because she is so not fooled by that* Regardless. You have one day left of your holiday before your...
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    *inclines his head, smiling* It will be a pleasure, Lady Sigyn. *heads for the door* *after a few moments the sound of...